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"I don't chase. I attract. What God has for me will simply find me. He is in full control of my now reality. I speak my dreams into existence & find myself in perpetual happiness. God walks with me and I with him. Together we make the BEST team"

Barbii & Olivia O

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My Beginning

2011 was when I began doing nails at my dining room table. What started as a hobby eventually turned into a side hustle, a side hustle into a dream, and dreams now blossoming into a career. Working full-time 50–60-hour weeks at my job took a lot of my time away from turning my side hustle to an actual career, but I started watching YouTube videos, building clientele, and making a name for myself. I eventually started getting recognition and upgraded to working in beauty salon's part time. 

You would have thought that I would have been pleased with working in the salons since it was giving me more exposure but nope... there was always something that I felt I could be doing bigger. In 2020, finally after years of procrastinating, I took a leap out on faith and started branding my business, got my nail tech license, and building my portfolio. Because of Covid-19 I started doing press on nails and decided to go ahead and add them to my line of services. I am now the founder and sole operator of Barbii Nailz LLC & Press'd Lifestyle. I am extremely excited to launch this website and many more business avenues to come. Hope you all enjoy my products and services. 

Lets Connect!

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's network.

(574) 218-8283

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